Monday, June 1, 2009

May trip parts I and II: Cinque Terre and Nice

For the last week I've been traveling around Europe meeting up with friends from the US.
I think that one of my favorite things about living here is not really being in Zurich, itself, but just being in the center of Europe and being able to visit so many other places in Europe. This past week I was able to meet up with 3 different groups of friends and travel to 3 different countries. I'd never be able to do anything like that living in the US.

Another thing about living in Zurich is that everywhere else that I travel seems SO cheap. I think I'm going to go a little crazy shopping when I come back to the US in August....good thing it's only for a few days. :-)

I had a bagel and a smoothie our first morning in Dublin! 2 things that I can never find in Zurich.

Over the past week I spent a few days in the Cinque Terre in Italy, another few days in Nice, France, and then spent the last 4 days in Dublin. Cinque Terre was absolutely beautiful and the weather was amazing.

I had never been to the south of France, only Paris, so I was really excited to go to Nice. It was a small city, but there was so much to see: great museums, markets, restauraunts, etc.
In Nice I meet up with Elizabeth, a fellow Chicago actuary from Drake, and her sister.

Here are the Barclays (Elizabeth and Emily) while we were waiting out the sun shower...luckily that was the worst of the weather the whole trip:

Our first night there we went to dinner at a restaurant recommended by my Let's Go Europe book as being "cheap authentic cuisine." It was this tiny little place that sat about 20 people. Elizabeth and I decided to try something different. She ordered sausage with intestines and stomach (of what we weren't really sure :-)) and I ordered tripe (stomach). It was actually really good!

Elizabeth's sausage:

My tasty meal:

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  1. Agree about the cheap thing. EVERY place (except Norway) is cheaper than CH. I couldn't believe I could actually get a dinner in Sweden for the equivalent of 13 CHF. Heaven.