Monday, July 6, 2009

Riding my bike

When I lived in the northwest suburbs of Chicago I lived just about 3 miles from work. A little too far to walk, but an easy distance for a bike ride. I frequently rode my bike to and from work and actually saved a lot of money on gas. There were back roads with bike trails that I took most of the way. Problem is, in Schaumburg, people aren't used to bikers on the trails and I nearly got hit by cars coming out of driveways a few times too many.
Riding my bike in Zurich is still a little scary, but I like that people in cars are used to bikers. For the last few months I've been taking the tram 11 to work. It's just 9 minutes and runs pretty frequently, but I decided to ride my bike the other day and realized that it takes the same amount of time to ride my bike and it's a very flat ride. I've been riding my bike every day ever since. :-)
In Schaumburg every once in a while I would go grocery shopping with my bike. The store was under a mile away from my apartment, but when I got there there was absolutely nowhere to lock up my bike. I had to resort to locking it to no parking or handicap signs. Today I rode my bike to the Aldi and parked it in the bike rack just outside the store. When I got out there were no less than 8 other bikes parked there. LOVE it!
Today I rode my bike to work and had some errands to run after work. I rode home, grabbed my recycling, rode to the glass deposit bins, rode to the post office to pick up a package, stopped at home to drop off the package, went to the Aldi, stopped at the UBS ATM, and was home in just over an hour from leaving work. Awesome!

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