Friday, March 13, 2009

settling in

I managed to get all of my bags and gave my mom a quick call to let her know I was there and to test out my phone. Unfortunately I missed Florent's call while I was on the phone with her. He called back again, but I couldn't answer because I was at customs getting Klondike checked out. Everything went smoothly,but I did have to pay 88 CHF import tax for him.
I finally got in touch with Florent and he met me in a cab. We spoke mostly German on the way to my apartment which was really cool. He helped me carry my bags in and made the cab wait until I got settled. We then took the cab to the train station and he showed me which train I woudl take to work. He also bought me a train ticket, which actually turned out to be the wrong ticket...those machines are so confusing!...but I got that sorted out.

I had a great weekend getting settled in and walking around. I got some groceries in Ruschlikon and realized that they don't sell aluminum foil, ziploc bags, or dryer sheets...but I made due.

I looked at 2 apartments on Friday and I am really hoping that I get the first one. It's available April 1st, it's a really big 2 bedroom, by Zurich standards, and it's only a 10 minute train ride or 25 minute walk from the office and it's close to the Aldi, and Coop, and other shopping. It's walking distance from a big train station in Oerlikon and close to neu Oerlikon which is a cool new area that used to be all industrial.
I really want that apartment!!!!

I also opened up a bank account at UBS on Friday so now I can say that I have a Swiss bank account. ;-) Actually 2 bank accounts and a credit card.

I went to the main UBS and everyone was wearing suits and they walked me down this hallway to a room where they offered me a cappucino...glad I said yes...that was probably one of the best cappucinos I've ever it came with a Sprungli chocolate. :-)

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